Do I need planning permission?
It will depend on your home and any previous extension work done on the property. In general Conservatories and orangeries can project a maximum of 3 meters from the back of your home ( On semi-detached properties) and on detached properties this is increased to 4 meters without requiring planning. You will be able to find more information on the planning portal or don’t hesitate to contact us and we are happy to advise. Please be aware the council takes 8 weeks to determine an application.
Can Binney and Sims submit my planning application?
Yes we are able to act as your agents, we have a vast knowledge in planning and have dealt with a variety of different properties including listed, green belt and conservation.

Do I need building regulations?
This is very dependent on the size and design of your structure, orangeries are more likely to require building regulations as they are classed as an extension rather than a conservatory, we are happy to discuss this with you or you can find more information on the planning portal.

What’s the party wall act?
The Party wall act comes into effect if you are building within 3 meters of your neighbours property. It is designed to make sure any work you do will not cause harm or damage to your neighbour’s property.
Do I need structural calculations?
All of our Conservatories and orangeries come with structural calculations provided they are large enough to require them. If you are subject to building regulations then these would need to be submitted to building control along with all other documentation and drawings for your project.
Can I have any colour for my conservatory?
Yes. Provided you can supply us with a RAL colour codes. If you are subject to planning permission they can make the colour a planning condition. This is normally associated with listed buildings.
What is the Conservatory, orangery or lantern delivery time?
From placing your order please allow 8 weeks for delivery. Every structure is made to order. We will give you a week commencing delivery date once you have placed your order.

How do we go about finding a builder?

We have a good list of trusted builders we use but we are also happy to work with your own builder. We will provide the chosen builder with detailed drawings to work from and are available to visit or answer any questions should they require.

What are they made of?
All our conservatories, orangeries doors and windows are made from hardwood sourced from sustainable forests. The main timbers used are Red Grandis and Idigbo.

What type of glass do you supply?
All our glass units are made using 4mm toughened glass for safety. As standard we use 24mm thick double glazed units. These are made up of 1 layer of 4mm toughened glass, a 16mm spacer between the glass and then another layer of 4mm toughened glass. The door and window glass has a Low’E’ coating and the unit is filled with Argon gas. The roof glass has an easy clean coating on the outside and includes a solar control layer, a Low’E’ coating layer with Argon gas filling. The solar control coating on the roof glass helps keep the Conservatory cool in the summer. There are many other options of glass including triple glazing for the roof.

What maintenance should I need to do?
Our Conservatories come with a maintenance free roof. The timber elements of the Conservatory will need re-painting from time to time. We recommend a re-coat every 3 to 5 years. We provide an aftercare manual with every structure and windows and doors.