Our hardwood timber is sourced from responsibly managed forests.

Hardwoods used are predominantly Idigbo (Terminalia Ivorensis) and Engineered Red Grandis (Eucalyptus Grandis).
Selected timber sections are used for a combination of strength, durability, machining flexibilityand an ability to accept a wide range of finishes. These hardwood timbers are naturally resistant to wood rot and fungal attack and the natural oils present in the timber make it resistant to moisture penetration.
Hardwoods used are in accordance with the following properties:
  • Moisture content – kiln dried to 12-14%
  • Strength (Young’s Modulus is a measure of elasticity; the higher the value the greater the strength) – 9300 (for comparison Brazilian Mahogany is 8600 and soft wood 7300)
  • Specification conformance – Class 1 hardwood to BS1186*
  • Roof wind and snow loading – satisfies BS6399*
Windows and Doors are manufactured from engineered hardwood for greater resistance against general expansion and contraction, twisting and bowing. Engineered Red Grandis is predominately used for windows with Engineered Idigbo for Doors.
Roof components are manufactured from solid hardwood, predominantly Idigbo
All our hardwood is sourced from sustainable well managed forests. As a company it is important for us to know the timber used in our products is replaced with new planting to allow for the future use of timber and for the good of our environment.

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Glass Specification

OnA Rated Certificate - 70mm 3143111e of the main problems with conservatories is overheating in the summer and freezing in the winter. To create a usable space all year round and also to satisfy building regulation (subject to your home specification) we have chosen to offer higher quality glass as standard.

All our glazing uses 16mm spacer bars which give the optimum efficiency to the units. To small loses the thermal efficiency and too large a spacer bar allows convection to form within the units.

Our standard wall glass (low’E’, argon filled) is a 24mm toughened unit (4/16/4) and comprises of a low’E’ coating with an argon gas filling, this creates a 1.2 ‘U’ value.

Our standard roof glass (solar controlled) is a 24mm toughened unit (4/16/4)and comprises of one layer containing a solar control coating and one layer containing a low’E’ coating the unit is filled using argon gas, this creates a 1.0 ‘U’ value.

Other glass options are available.

As standard our conservatories and orangeries come with PVCU snap together guttering in an Ogee profile with round down pipes. They come in white or black as standard with an option to colour match if required. We also offer extruded aluminum as an option and colour matching.

Roof Cappings
The external elements of the roof are maintenance free this is achieved by using powder coated aluminum weather cappings. The roof cappings come in white as standard but can be colour coded as an optional extra.

Espagonlette locking systems are used throughout the conservatory for maximum Security with lockable handles on both opening windows and doors. The conservatory will be delivered with all hinges, handles and locks already fitted in the factory ready to be fixed into place on site. Our standard range of handles and locks come in gold, polished chrome, black, white or satin chrome.

Cresting can be added to the ridge of your conservatory to create a decorative ornate finish

Opening Roof Vents
We have two options when it comes to adding roof vents a manually operated version and an electrically operated version. The roof vents are powder coated aluminum and use a dry glazing system with gaskets.